Help Fund a Project Teaching Photography
to Lakota Teens

For over twenty years, Lakota Indians from Standing Rock, Cheyenne River, and Pine Ridge Reservations have hosted a nearly three-hundred mile horseback ride across South Dakota. The ride starts at the site of Sitting Bull's death and ends at the Wounded Knee Massacre site. Known as the Oomaka Tokatakiya or Future Generations Ride, it both memorializes the struggles of those who died at Wounded Knee, and offers Lakota youth a physical connection to the past and future of American Indian identity.

In 2006 we started the Future Generations Teen Photojournalism Project to teach photography on the ride. Each year two teens from local reservations are selected and given digital cameras to photograph the experience. They photograph each day, select images, work together to create a daily essay, and post the work, wirelessly so people can follow the ride on the internet. In the end they not only produce an important, enduring document of the ride, but they keep a digital camera so they can continue to make photographs at home.

The project provides cameras, computers, a printer, and transportation for the teens on the ride. If you would like to help, donations of any kind are appreciated. See our wish list if you want to buy us something specific.

In order to raise money to cover our costs, we offer prints for sale.

For $150, you can choose between the following images taken by the students. All proceeds from the student work are split 50/50, half to the student, half to the project.

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For $200, you can choose between a diptych of images taken by the students, Two Portraits of Malania,
and an image by Ken Marchionno, Black Hills Landscape.

Black Hills
Two Portraits of Malania, by Jessica Peters and Tatanka Hokshia Canté Hill, 2006


Black Hills Landscape, by Ken Marchionno, 2007


For $250 each, there are two limited edition diptychs that were produced by Ken Marchionno for this fund raiser.

Riding Into Wounded Knee, December 28th, 2005
Kermit Miner Jr and His Horse


Arrival at McDaniel’s Ranch, December 23rd, 2004
Jamie Kuntz and Her Horse

The prints are archivally printed on 13”x19” Premium Semi-gloss paper with Ultrachrome Inks.

Proceeds from the students' work are split 50/50, half to the student, half to the project.

All proceeds from the sale of Ken Marchionno's work go directly to the project.

To order prints, and for questions or comments, e-mail

address additional correspondence to:


Ken Marchionno
821 Traction, #110
Los Angeles, CA 90013




Thank you for considering support of this project.

Special thank you to those who helped fund this project: Peter Del Rosso, Sylvia Sukop, Brian Moss, Suki Skidmore and Tim Kane, Sheila Pinkel, Steven and Donna Simons.

For a short background on this project click here.

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