Ken Marchionno

Bohemian Landscape


In the summer of 2015, Ken Marchionno produced a series of landscape photographs while Artist in Residence at the ArtMilll, Center for Sustainable Creativity in Horaždovice, Czech Republic.  The ArtMill is in the area of the Czech Republic that was once known as Bohemia, and the series he produced is known as The Bohemian Landscapes.

The work was produced using a common technique of stitching images together to form a panorama, but in an uncommon way.  Instead of using a wide-angle lens, tuned to obtain deep focus, Ken used a telephoto lens, focused close, to produce an extremely shallow depth of field. Unlike much of the current photographic work that embraces the blurred effect, Ken’s images display moments of extreme sharpness, the clarity of which quickly falls off into inky areas of pure abstraction.

The images are stitched together from as many as sixty separate frames.  Because of the technology employed, they retain their full, native resolution when printed to the dimensions of two feet by sixteen feet or more. 

The level of detail in the work invites the viewer to experience close inspection, and to be enveloped by the visual field.  The abstraction and the moody quality of the work engage the viewer’s imagination, as if looking at a dream or memory of a time or land long past. 
Bohemian Landscape #19
Bohemian Landscape #48
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