For seven days, starting November first, six people imaged Song Zhuang, China, an area known as the "Artist Village." The team was made up of three local young adults, one Art Historian from China, and two photographers--one Chinese and one American. Each morning they met at the Artists Group Reception Center of Song Zhuang to look at images and discuss both formal considerations and content, and to pick up to ten images for this web site.

Song Zhuang is located approximately sixty kilometers East of the Chinese capital of Beijing. The village became a center for contemporary art in 1994 when six artists from Yuanmingyuan, the "Painters Village" was shut down. Artists from all over China come to the village each year. Noting the freedom and comradery of a community devoted to art production, people have come to see Song Zhuang as the center of China's growing contemporary art scene. It is now home to over 1000 artists.

Until recently, Song Zhuang was mainly a farming community. Artists came to the area for economic reasons, and for the quality of life it afforded them. In the beginning, as artists's numbers grew, there was some tension between the local community and the newcomers. But today, as economic development has improved the area, that tension has greatly dissipated.

The following pages display the work of these six photographers as they explore the village during the week leading up to the third annual Song Zhuang Arts Festival. You can follow their growth through time either by artist or by day.




这个七天的作品,开始于11月1日,有六人参加拍摄中国宋庄,这个著名的“艺术村落”。参加者中有三个本地人,一个艺术史学者,还有两个摄影家,一个中国的,一个美国的。每天上午他们在宋庄艺术促进会碰头,传看各自拍下的形象, 讨论构图和内容,并选出十来张放在网站上。




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